"Beautifying the world and using nature the way it was intended"

Sean van Oort

 Founder of Herbal Tea Amsterdam

After years of working in an office, I arrived at a  point where I realised I was discontent. 

I wanted a job that was heart-driven instead of my head.


During some much-needed introspection I asked myself: What did I love doing as a child?

The answer: Putting my bare hands into the soil; caring for plants and nature.


Soon after, I registered for a two-year Herbalism course. During my studies, I realised that growing, drying, and blending herbs was what inspired me the most. And from that feeling Herbal Tea Amsterdam was sprung.


By following my true passion, I brought into being our Herb Garden. The place where all our herbs are grown 


Fostering Biodiversity

We take the necessary steps to foster biodiversity in our garden. For example, in addition to herbs, we grow flowers especially attractive to butterflies and bees. Our garden is pesticide-free and we use organic compost and garden soil to stimulate soil life