Deliveries from our range of teas


Or your custom-made tea blend, uniquely made for your company


Expertly blended by us, for you

Herbal Tea Amsterdam’s client base ranges further than just stores and cafes. We also deliver our teas to offices, training centres, yoga schools and government authorities.


Some of our clients have asked for their own blend, unique to their business. A blend unique in its identity. To us that sounds like music to the ears!


Together we’ll explore which blends match your company or organisation. We can pre blend anything; ranging from fresh and spicy, to warm with flowery undertones.


Creating a unique tea blend as a corporate gift is also an option

Choose from our range of teas

You can also simply choose from our refreshing range of teas. Perhaps you would like to order Herbal Tea Amsterdam just once for a meeting, or the monthly ‘Mixed Blend’, for recurring events. We would more than love to discuss all the possibilities with you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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